For as long back as I can remember I have tended to have a pencil or a piece of plasticine in my hands.  At school, I was the typical kid who spent his time covering books and tables with drawings.

At the age of eighteen I began to work as an advertising draftsman to pay for my studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Valencia. I also made large-scale sculptural works in decoration, “Fallas” and religious imagery. After graduating I interrupted my doctoral studies to become a trainee in Llodró’s Training School. I worked as a sculptor in the company for 19 years. It was an enriching period in which I contributed with hundreds of sketches and about a hundred pieces, as well as some of Lladró’s innovative projects.

At the same time I did my own work, I studied a Master's Degree in Artistic Production and worked as a university professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Valencia.

Currently I am preparing a doctoral thesis at the Polytechnic University of Valencia and also collaborate as a columnist in "Las Nueve Musas", an online magazine of Art, Science and Humanities.

 This year, with the end of my time at Lladró, I founded Brigadoon artistic productions with my partner and friend David Moliner. This, at last, my dream.


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