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How can I be sure of the authenticity of my sculpture?

Each of our pieces has a branded logo and serial number on it’s base. It also comes with a. certificate of authorship signed by Alfredo Llorens, with the serial number and the title of the piece

 It is the artist himself who chooses, oversees and markets series of his pieces. This confers a real artistic authenticity to his sculptures.

Are all the sculptures of the same series identical?

At first glance they may seem to be, but during the process of creation small changes occur that both enrich them and make them unique. That is why we do not try to homogenize them all, as if it were some industrial process. Once you know your sculpture, you can certainly distinguish it from among the same series. Your piece is unique.

Do your sculptures use a limited and unique colour palette?

Each sculpture is the result of a unique creative and artistic process, and as such subjecting our works to the same chromatic range would unnecessarily restrict creative freedom and aesthetic possibilities, thus reducing the artistic value of our sculptures. Our works are unique also in their colours.

Can the sculptures be placed out in the open?

The only threat to outdoor sculptures is the damage they might receive from hail or being blown over by the wind. Well anchored and sheltered from hail, even the most delicate pieces can be placed outside, just as if they were marble. If we think a piece is especially suited to being outside we will reinforce its thickness to give it even greater resistance.

Are all your works limited series?

From the outset we do our utmost to ensure that our works constitute an exclusive aesthetic experience. All pieces are produced in short limited series, of no more than 500 units worldwide. All of our works have their corresponding number that identifies them as unique within their series.

What material are the sculptures made from?

Depending on technical issues aimed at achieving particular effects, our works are made in porcelain or stoneware. Both ceramic materials are cooked at above 1000°C and have similar characteristics of hardness and resistance to the passage of time. Except for an accident, our sculptures will remain unchanged forever

How are the sculptures best cleaned?

In principle they can be blown or cleaned with a feather-duster, taking care not to hit the most fragile parts. Despite their apparent fragility, the sculptures can be washed with soap and water under a tap or a shower without any problem, again as long as they are not knocked against anything. They can be simply left to dry, or a blow dryer can be used.

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